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Lawn Mowing & Lawn Care in Upper Arlington, OH

Franklin Lawn & Landscapes offers professional lawn mowing services at affordable rates. We currently provide lawn mowing services in Upper Arlington, Columbus, Hilliard, Powell and Dublin, OH. Our weekly lawn mowing services will let you enjoy your weekend without worrying about lawn duties. To request a Free Quote, please fill out the request estimate form or give us a call at 614-496-6868.


If you choose Franklin Lawn & Landscape for your lawn mowing needs, you can rest assure you’re dealing with a lawn care company that is reliable and trustworthy. We work hard to keep your business week after week. Nothing is more important to us then your complete satisfaction.


Mulch Installation and Delivery Upper Arlington, OH

Franklin Lawn & Landscape offers a high quality mulch installation service. Mulch is useful in landscapes for moisture conservation, appearance and the added benefit of weed control. To keep your beds and landscape well manicured it is beneficial to lay down new mulch each year. After cleaning and edging your beds if needed, we lay down the attractive natural mulch of your choice, beautifying your beds and minimizing weed growth. We also install bed edging if needed. We specialize in natural mulches such as pine bark, hardwood and hemlock mulch.

If you would like an estimate on mulch installation for your property, please contact us anytime. You can rely on to keep your property looking beautiful this summer!


Core Aeration & Overseeding In Upper Arlington, OH

Core Aeration

Our core aeration services are one of the most important cultural practices available for your turf areas. Core aeration removes small cores 1” – 3” lengths of soil creating holes in your ground to provide better air flow for your turfs root system. It helps reduce thatch build up and also loosens compacted soils to promote healthier root growth. We recommend aeration in the fall time, not the spring. Aeration in spring is not recommended by us because it will allow active weed roots and seeds to be spread during the aeration process. We know this may seem crazy because you see every lawn care company perform this service in the spring, but that’s why we’re here to inform our customers we know the correct procedures for all our services. Fall aeration will be free of all active weeds. It also provides cooler temperatures for your lawn to thrive, especially if you add our overseeding process. This provides the ideal state for rapid seed germination as grass grows best between 50-70 degrees Fahrenheit.


Overseeding your lawn can be a great way to thicken up your thin or bare looking lawn. Overseeding is recommended to be paired with our aeration services for best results. The aeration process allows the seedlings to fall into the holes and will achieve a higher success rate for germination. Just remember, if you just try to overseed without aeration, you will need to appy loose soil for best results. Overseeding over a compacted lawn with no loose soil will result in minimal results.


Fertilizer Application in Upper Arlington, OH

Fertilizer is a key ingredient in growing and maintaining a green, healthy lawn. Unfortunately most homeowners don’t bother fertilizing because they simply don’t know which products to use, or how and when to apply them. And complicating the issue is that if lawn fertilizer isn’t applied correctly, it can actually do more harm than good.

The very best time to fertilize your lawn is in the spring, when the soil temperature—not the air temperature—reaches 55º Fahrenheit. You’ll know when the soil warms up to 55º because the lilacs
will begin to blossom and the grass will start growing. Or, buy a soil thermometer and check the temperature at any time. In most parts of the country that means the first application of lawn fertilizer should take place by about mid-April. So, if you haven’t started yet, now’s the time.

Why Choose Franklin Lawn & Landscape?

Franklin Lawn & Landscape has a lawn fertilizer service for every need. We can just fertilize your lawn and apply weed control treatments or treat your grass for insects and even provide core aeration if desired! See our lawn fertilizer program options below. If you are unsure about which lawn care fertilizing program is needed for your specific lawn, please contact us for a free lawn evaluation. And remember, lawn fertilizer service is just one of the many lawn care services we provide!

Seasonal Cleanups

Seasonal clean up services are an important part of preparing your lawn and garden for the winter as well as ensuring that it stays healthy until spring arrives. Not to mention the hidden dangers of slipping on wet leaves left under the snow.

Does your home look a little shabby around this time of year? Could your property benefit from a good fall cleaning? Call Franklin Lawn Services for a fall clean-up! Our lawn care services are designed to provide the care and attention your property needs with none of the hassle. We’re proud of our commitment to our clients. Join countless other families in trusting Franklin Lawn and Landscape with your residential or commercial property maintenance needs.


Some of the services your fall clean-up could involve may include:

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